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연구 자료(Research Data)

1) Repository for segmented point clouds of fitting parts in the process plants for deep learning application
   - Number of point clouds: 4,647 segmented point clouds for 17 fitting part types:
         699 segmented point clouds for valve-type fittings, 1,620 for the flange series, 15 for the cross series,
         507 for the tee series, 18 for olet (branch) types, 75 for strainer types, 300 for the reducer series, 
         1,341 for the elbow series, and 72 for pipe types
   - File type:  XYZ format
   - Number of points in point clouds: from around 360 points to around 1.4 million points for each segmented point cloud
   - File size:  from 12 kilobytes to 42 megabytes for each segmented point cloud

For more information on the repository, please refer to the following paper.
Changmo Yeo, Seyoon Kim, Hyungki Kim, Siro Kim, and Duhwan Mun (Corresponding Author), “Deep learning applications in an industrial process plant: Repository of segmented point clouds for pipework components”, JMST Advances, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 15-24, 2020.03.01.

If you want to download the set of segmented point clouds of fitting parts, click here!