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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (한국과학기술원)

posted Jan 28, 2009, 10:51 PM by Duhwan Mun   [ updated Feb 12, 2009, 1:04 PM ]
  • Development of Data Model and its Application System on Nuclear Power Plant based on International Standards(ISO10303&13584, STEP and PLIB), 2003.06~2006.02, Responsible for the construction of GPM (generic data model)–based data warehouse and its interfaces to design tools and an ERP system in use in Korea nuclear power industry, funded by Korea Electric Power Research Institute
    국제표준기반의 원자력 발전소 데이터 모델 및 응용 프로그램 개발, 2003.06~2006.02, 연구원, 한국전력연구원} 
  • Development of 2D Sketch Generic Resources Harmonized with STEP, 2004.08~2005.01, Responsible for leading the development of CD document of ISO 10303 Part 112, funded by Korea Standards Association
    절차적 파라메트릭 교환 표준 - STEP 부합화 2D 스케치 공통자원 개발, 2004.08~2005.01, 연구원, 한국표준협회}
  • Construction of technology infra structure in die and mold industry, 2001.07~2004.06, Responsible for leading the development of Engineered-to-Order (ETO) technology for e-commerce and parametric CAD data automatic generation technology in an e-Catalog system, funded by Hub-m.com, Inc.
    {산업부문 기업간 전자상거래 시범사업 (금형업종), 2001.07~2004.06, 연구원, 허브엠닷컴}
  • Macro-Parametric Technology for the Exchange of 3D CAD Models, 2001.08~2002.07, Responsible for the development of a CATIA to Pro/E translator, funded by Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
    {3차원 CAD 형상 모델의 교환을 위한 매크로 파라메트릭 기술, 2001.08~2002.07, 연구원, 정보통신부}